How to install Firefox Developer Edition on Linux Mint

Hey folks ! If you fall on this post, I guess you tried to download Firefox developer edition for Linux Mint from the official website, and you were probably a little surprised to download a tar.bz2 archive with no clue about how to make this *$**=**#* work on your machine.

This post is a reminder for me about how to make archives executable on Linux mint, and maybe it could help someone else so, let me explain how I achieved this.

First, you need to download the archive from the official website.

Then, extract this archive anywhere (in downloads folder for example, it doesn’t matter as you will move it later).

Once the archive is extracted, right click on the folder and select “open as root” (sorry for the French screenshots). Type in your password.

You will now move the firefox folder in your file system/opt folder. Right click on the folder, cut and paste it inside /opt.

Now, you have to set an app icon for launching Firefox dev. In the file system, go to the /usr/share/applications folder, right click anywhere and select “create a new document”. Choose to create an empty document and call it firefox-dev.desktop (notice the file extension here, it’s an important detail).

Then, open the file, and paste the following content inside it :

Notice that you’ll have to customize the path with yours for the Exec and the Icon paths. My folder is named “firefox-dev”.

Save and quit.

When you open the launcher and you type firefox, you now have an executable icon and you can launch the app. That’s it ! Pretty simple !


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